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This team is responsible for the effective delivery and support of the products and services that supply the enterprise customers with value and includes:

  • Players

    • Head of Portfolio -

    • Head of Delivery -

    • Programme Manager -

    • Project Manager -

    • Delivery Manager -

  • Team

    • Change Management

Collectively, this team is responsible for:

  • Balancing the change investment risk effectively across the portfolio (governance).

  • Ensuring programmes and projects are delivering the benefits that their business cases were designed to deliver (change efficiency).

  • Ensuring existing capability is operating effectively and delivering benefit (transaction efficiency).

  • Reporting effectively to the Enterprise Leadership to enhance situational awareness.

Top 3 Pain Points

  1. New Delivery Methods:

    1. Managing virtual teams

    2. Performance (time to market)

    3. Governance & Reporting

    4. Managing virtual teams

    5. Processes

    6. Planning

    7. Quality

  2. New Teams and Scaling:

    1. Onboarding talent and mobilising projects efficiently

    2. How to manage interdependencies

    3. How to govern coherently and consistently

    4. How to lead effectively

  3. Team Issues:

    1. Teams are emoting at meetings, rather than planning and doing

    2. Folks don’t know how to get back on track since their consciences are tweaked because this emoting ‘feels’ like the right thing to do (treating everyone with respect, giving everyone a voice, etc)

Problems relevant to this context

Potential ways to solve these problems

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