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The Team

This team is responsible for the effective operation of the enterprise and includes:

  • Players

    • CEO - leads the executive team in its execution and whose product is an effective business model.

    • Head of Sales - leads the flow of revenue through the acquisition of new customers, the growth in sales to existing customers and contributes to situational awareness.

    • COO - leads the operation execution and whose product is an effective operating model.

    • CIO - leads the flow of information throughout the operating model and whose product is situational awareness.

    • CTO - leads the technology integration needed to provide an effective operating model and enhanced situational awareness.

    • CMO - leads the acquisition of knowledge from the marketplace and contributes to situational awareness.

    • CFO - leads the flow of cash throughout the enterprise and its ecosystem and contributes to situational awareness.

  • Team

    • Executive Team

Collectively, this team is responsible for:

  • Setting the vision that the enterprise aspires to bring into being, the steps (or missions) that will realise it, and the strategies that will achieve them.

  • Declaring the values that are important to the enterprise, and nurturing a culture that will honour them.

  • Creating policies to guide the operation of the enterprise, that are aligned to the achievement of the vision, and which are in harmony with the values and culture.

  • Leading their teams effectively.

  • Nurturing their situational awareness for effective command and control of the enterprise, in order to bring about the vision.

Top 3 Pain Points

  1. Organisational Design Issues:

    1. Unable to respond quickly enough to opportunities

    2. Unable to defend existing market share

    3. Unable to scale effectively

    4. What do the new business and operating models need to look like?

  2. Transformation Issues:

    1. Agile transformation stalled?

    2. Not delivering the results you’d hoped?

    3. Teams happier, but investment and governance confidence dropped?

    4. You’re suffering from PTSD (Post-transformation Stress Disorder).

  3. Investment Issues:

    1. You’ve already invested in training

    2. You’ve already invested in certification

    3. You’ve already invested in Agile tooling

    4. ... but the enterprise is not seeing the RoI it expected from these investments

      1. And what’s worse, is that the changes have created an ‘us’ and ‘them’ divide in the cultural fabric of your enterprise, between the old and new ways of operating.

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