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Key Insights

Our approach to organizational culture is as follows:

  • The culture is the way it is because of the decisions and actions of the leaders, and the behaviour of the workforce as a consequence of those decisions and actions.

  • To more easily drive change you desire a liberal, tightly cohesive, high trust culture, and the reality is that you probably don’t have one.

  • Culture is elastic, it can be moulded, and stretched.

  • Culture can be viewed as the collection of values and norms that define the identity of the organization, and the behaviours that result from attempting to align decisions and actions with espoused values and norms

  • Culture can also be viewed through a 3-dimension sociological model with social innovation, social cohesion and social capital representing the 3-dimensional space. Every organizational culture can be mapped in this space.

  • We believe that organizational culture can be hacked through the actions of the leaders: new values can be introduced; the sociology can be changed through a combination of values and practice adoption.

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