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Teaching elephant to dance.pdf

The elephant is where your organization is today. There are phases of change between traditional environments and modern environments powered by microservices and DevOps. Some organizations have the luxury to start from scratch, but for a lot of businesses, the challenge is teaching their lumbering elephant to dance like a nimble ballerina.


Digital transformation is a strategic change for businesses. It allows companies to pivot their core services as competitive pressures change, or as new regulations emerge, and to roll out updates as soon as a vulnerability is discovered.

However, there is no common definition of digital transformation aside from “changing things.” The term digital transformation is sometimes used to mean new architectures, like microservices, or new processes, like DevOps, or new technologies, like containers and application programming interfaces (APIs). When something can mean anything, it effectively means nothing. Digital transformation isn’t a specific thing that you can get. It is a thing that every organization has to define uniquely for itself.

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